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Music Paradise   stated, in a three-and-a-half star survey, that "notwithstanding when Coldplay sound somewhat like they are wasting their time musically, it can in any case have very wonderful minutes." The audit called the opening ballyhoo "essentially dazzling" yet felt whatever remains of the tune did not hold up and in addition it could have. Music Paradise NME gave a more blended response to the melody and felt that "It's difficult to state what the band is going for with the tune. To reproduce the epic football stadium "minute" of 'Yellow'? The vitality of a 'Viva La Vida'? On the off chance that so it doesn't exactly take a shot at either check" however proceeded "in case will have a mid-paced Coldplay-by-numbers single-single, you should have one as fabulous and dazzling as 'Heaven'." Music Paradise  Diagram performance: Music Paradise "Heaven" turned into a ma